Advertising Flags

Give your business or event greater visibility with interesting and creative advertising flags.
Great for catching the eye of customers from afar, advertising flags can boost the visibility of your business and push customers in your direction.

Advertising Flags: Great solution for outdoor promotion

Advertising flags are the perfect solution for outdoor promotion, whether it be a sporting event, a market stall or out the front of your business, they provide easy to set up coverage that gets your message into the wider community.

What’s so great about advertising flags is just how versatile they are. Any design, logo or colour is possible, the only limit to the look of your advertising flags is your imagination. With custom designs from our expert graphic artists at ProCloud Creative, your business will always be noticed wherever you decide to promote your brand.

Advertising flags are an affordable advertising solution that you can use over and over. Minimal amounts of care and upkeep will keep your advertising flags looking great even after years of use indoors or outdoors.

They’re also portable and easy to take down and put up again, meaning that your advertising flags can be placed at a new location in a matter of minutes, giving you fast and effective advertising on the move.

Custom Advertising Flags

We provide a huge range of advertising flags to suit your exact needs and specifications. Choose from single- or double-sided designs, teardrop or feather shaped banners and so much more. They’re a perfect permanent fixture or for use as a temporary advertising tool at your current location.

Either provide your own designs or we’ll help you come up with something that speaks to the heart of what your business does and why potential customers need your products or services. Our advertising flags are created using high resolution images custom printed onto the highest quality materials, meaning that your designs won’t fade or wear even in the toughest weather conditions.

We work hard to ensure that all of our advertising flags meet our strict guidelines for strength and toughness, so they won’t warp or bend in even the most savage high-speed winds (just make sure to weigh them down!).

Quick And Cost Effective Advertising Flags

Advertising flags are also a great option for when you need advertising in a rush. With exceptional build quality and a quick seven-day production timeframe, we can have your advertising flags delivered right when you need them, for some last-minute promotion that gets results.

Contact us today to find out how advertising flags can add value to your business and provide effective promotion at home or abroad. Our helpful and friendly staff are on hand to help you decide on everything from the type of advertising flags that suits your business best. All the way to the designs, logos and colours that will provide the most effective exposure for your corporate image.

Fast, affordable and fantastic looking advertising is just a quick phone call or email away!