of Vehicle Signage

Car wraps are a must-have for any business sporting a company vehicle or fleet of company vehicles.

They’re affordable, eye-catching and most importantly mobile, providing advertising for your business wherever you go.

But a lot of businesses opt not to have vehicle signage installed on their vehicles and that’s something we were confused by at first.

The reason? There’s a lot of myths about vehicle signage, its longevity and of course, its effects on vehicles.

So, let’s bust them one by one.

Car wrapping damages paint

This is one we get asked a lot and the answer is a resounding no, but we’ll delve into it a bit deeper.

First, let’s talk adhesives. If you’re buying a good quality car wrap, the adhesive used in the process will no doubt be high-quality as well.  This means it lifts easily and doesn’t take paint with it.

Second, let’s talk removal. Just like properly removing any adhesive product, patience and care is a necessity. We recommend contacting the company who first installed your car wrap and letting them take care of everything.

If the wrap is well-maintained, it will simply peel off without damaging the paintwork underneath.

Car Wraps peel and flake

Because they’re made of vinyl, not plastic, you’ll find that a car wrap is incredibly resistant to peeling even under the effects of rain or high temperatures.

The key word here being resistant. Make sure to park your company vehicles out of direct sunlight as much as possible and shelter them accordingly from rain.

Basically, anything you’d do to maintain the paintwork underneath is something you should also do for a car wrap.

Car wraps protect
the vehicle from damage

Ok, this one isn’t a common myth, but we thought we’d throw it in here because it’s worth talking about.

Car wraps are super resistant, but they aren’t a suit of armour around your paintwork.

Keep the exterior of the vehicle clean of dirt and debris to ensure that the vinyl remains in good condition. Also, try to avoid the using high-pressure hoses and abrasive cleaners as these can also damage the vinyl.

Car wraps don’t last long

This myth is born most likely from cheaper car wraps made of inferior materials creating a bad reputation.

When maintained properly, a professionally applied car wrap can last anywhere between three and five years. Although, we’ve seen some car wraps last as long as seven through diligent care and good garaging.

If you have any further questions about vehicle signage, get in touch. We love to help in any way we can. We’re all about ensuring that consumers get the info they need to make an informed decision about their business.