Car Signage

Having a company car is great for travel, but it doesn’t really add any promotional value to your business.
ProCloud Creative car signage service aims to change all that.
Work together with us and we’ll turn your vehicle into a portable advertising bastion.

Car Signage Experts

Printed signage for your car is a brilliant way of boosting the visibility of your business and showing customers that you’re out and about every day providing your quality products or services to the wider community.

Vehicle signage works on the principle that by attaching your brand and details to a portable surface, you can reach a far wider audience than any type of fixed position media ever could. Creating this type of ‘on the move’ advertising is quick, easy and even looks great on your car as well! We’ll fit car signage solutions to all makes and models of vehicle, just tell us what you drive, and we’ll get to work on a design right away!

Promoting your Business through car signage

Taking your advertising with you wherever you go ensures that there’s never a missed opportunity when it comes to promoting your business to potential customers.

If you think about the possibly thousands of people on the street and in other vehicles that you pass by every day, the possibilities for publicity created by car signage become potentially infinite.

Our method of creating signage for your car is to cover your vehicle in an adhesive ‘wrap’ that sticks firm to the body and stays right there it’s placed. The design of your vehicle signage is completely up to you and can be as bold or subtle as you like. We recommend combining our car signage services with some of our other company signage options, to ensure that your car signage is synonymous with all the other sections of your advertising campaign.

High Quality Car Signage

Our car wraps are created using only the highest quality materials sourced at the best possible prices. The signage on your car is made to stand up to the harshest weather conditions that Queensland has to offer. That means it won’t fade in the sun and it won’t peel in the rain, it stands up to the elements year in year out.

If you’re worried about potential damage to your car, don’t be! Our vehicle signage doesn’t damage paint and can be quickly and easily removed or replaced by one of our professional employees should any alterations need to be done down the line. It’s also safe to wash so there’s no need to worry about damaging the wrap when you clean your car.

Designing signage for your car is easy, just book an appointment with one of our friendly staff at ProCloud Creative and we’ll help draft a design that sends the right message about your business. Your input and ideas are important to creating the perfect vehicle signage that suits both your car and your business, so we encourage you to provide as much input as possible to help us us create an advertising solution that you’ll be proud to show off.