Responsive Web Design

You’ve probably come across the term ‘responsive website design’ while searching for ways to improve the digital footprint of your business.
Many companies like to make out that it’s a complex task requiring diligent coding and expensive design tools, but it’s not.

Make your website mobile friendly

Responsive website design is quite simply just making sure that your web page responds to any type of device that it’s viewed on.

This could be anything from resizing itself on tablet and phone devices to completely rearranging its contents for easier access and better visibility on certain platforms. As more and more people move to a more portable device as their primary internet capable platform, incorporating mobile web design into our service has become mandatory.

Responsive website design means you’ll never receive an email from a prospective client claiming they can’t access parts of your site or that it fails to load when they search for it. It’s peace of mind and the assurance that your products and services will always be available to any customer, no matter how and when they choose to view your website.

But how does responsive website design work?

Through the use of fluid grids.

That sounds like jargon but what it boils down to is using website building tools that separate the elements of a website into individual parts. This allows our computer and mobile web design team to code each piece to act in accordance to what device it’s currently being viewed on.

Think of responsive website design like turning a framed picture into a puzzle. Rather than being a static image, it can be pulled apart and put back together quickly to ensure that it always looks great on whatever platform your customers choose to view it on.

Responsive Website Design Fixes Other Common Issues As Well

The more you delve into mobile web design the more you realise how different it is from traditional computer design. Before the mainstream adoption of smartphones, websites were built to use a traditional mouse and keyboard setup. Responsive website design allows for not only this method but the use of touch screens as well.

Graphics and load times are another major consideration in effective mobile web design. Fancy graphics and multiple images may look great on a desktop but take long periods of time to load on a smartphone.

It’s important to make sure that your site creates a great customer experience every time its accessed, something that responsive website design can provide.

It’s also a reality that technology marches on whether we like it or not. It’s important that your desktop and mobile web design is futureproofed to ensure that it works with any newly released software or hardware on the market.

Contact Us for a Responsive Website Design

Working with ProCloud Advertising, we’ll help you incorporate responsive website design into your company webpage in an easy and hassle-free manner.

We’re always working hard to ensure that our technicians are at the forefront of contemporary website design so we can better provide a quality service to all of our customers. It’s an extra layer of care and diligence that we love to provide here at ProCloud Advertising, and we think that you’ll notice the difference right from the moment you contact one of our friendly and helpful staff.