Sign Installation

Having a professionally made sign designed and built for your business is only half the job.
Working with ProCloud Creative, you can take advantage of our expert sign installation service.

Sign Installation Specialists

It’s important that your new signage is placed in a location that receives the maximum amount of customer exposure.

A poorly installed or badly hung sign looks unprofessional and may even drive down the number of potential customers that are directed to your business. That’s why it’s so important to trust professional sign installation specialists to make sure that your promotional material is fitted quickly and effectively.

Having your sign installation done by the professional team at ProCloud also limits the chance of damage or breakage to your signage and safeguards against potential workplace accidents.

Many of the signs we produce for our customers are very heavy and awkward to install. Sign installation for sheet metal signage ensures that your signs are placed with the upmost care and consideration for you and your employees.

Cost effective and quick sign installation

All of our sign installation staff are trained and qualified in risk minimisation and OH&S best practice, meaning that you have our assurance that you and your employee’s health is at the forefront of our minds before, during and after our work is complete.

Our sign installation is both quick, cost effective and available for all of the signage we provide here at ProCloud. If your signage is large enough to require some heavy lifting to be done, we’ll organise everything to get the job done right. Crane and cherry picker hire is easy and hassle free to organise for your sign installation, we’ll sort it all out and give you the peace of mind that your sign will go right where it belongs.

We’ll always keep you in the loop about the progress on your sign installation. Once your signage has been built, one of our friendly ProCloud staff will let you know when we can deliver your signage and how long it will take to get your sign installation job done. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and try to respect all of our customer’s needs during their sign installation.

Sign Maintenance

Over time your signage will naturally wear with age and exposure to sun and weather. While we try our best to build your signage to be as resistant to dirt and damage as possible, eventually it will need a bit of maintenance. That’s why we offer not only a sign installation service, but repair and upkeep for your signage as well.

Our repair specialists are on hand to conduct regular inspections on your signage, providing cleaning, repair and paint restoration whenever you may need it.

For our more complex signs, such as those with moving parts or electronic displays. We recommend conducting routine maintenance after your sign installation, to ensure that your company signage always looks its best.

Contact us today to find out how Brisbane’s best sign installation and repair service can help you fit and maintain your new signage quickly, easily and cost efficiently.